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7 Most Common Fit Pregnancy Questions

Hi there!

It feels so surreal to be sitting here writing about my third pregnancy. It doesn’t seem long ago  that I was pregnant with my second baby and sitting in this same exact spot writing about my fit pregnancy journey with baby number two.

Now here we are, pregnant with baby number three and if it wasn’t for the extreme exhaustion, crazy mood swings and ridiculous food cravings, I probably wouldn’t even believe that I was pregnant again. Oh, and the baby bump that is already forming!

It has been much harder to keep this pregnancy a secret until I reached the 12 week mark. Not only because I showed much faster but also because it was a lot harder to contain the excitement. I wanted to make the announcement a long time ago but my husband felt better about waiting until we made it to the second trimester.

My oldest is now three and my youngest is 18 months. They are 21 months apart in age . This baby and my middle child will be 22 months apart. Crazy, I know!

Many ask if this pregnancy was planned.

YES! It was planned. We have always hoped to have our babies close together.

Baby number three is due March 16th, the day before my husband’s birthday.

My birthday is the 12th so we are anxious to see if one of us gets to share a birthday with our baby. 

We feel beyond thankful and blessed for this opportunity to have another child. We know MANY families who struggle with starting families and our hearts truly go out to them.

I often worry about sharing our journey because I never want others to feel upset or offended. But at the same time, it is hard to hold in the excitement and we want to share our story with others.

My hope in sharing my journey through another fit pregnancy is to help other mamas, or soon to be mamas, feel confident, motivated and supported to stay active and healthy during pregnancy. 

I am by no means an expert.

However, I have been through this three times now so I do have a good understanding simply through my experiences and A LOT of communication with doctors and specialists.

I have also been studying for my Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Specialist Certification and am almost done. 

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Surviving the first trimester

Today, I am so excited to finally start sharing my fit pregnancy journey with baby number three!

I wanted to share answers to some common questions that I have been getting all in one place.

As you read my journey, please keep in mind that no two pregnancies are the same so it is important not to compare yours to anyone else’s.

I’m guilty of it myself and social media doesn’t make it very easy to avoid but comparing your journey to someone else’s can really rob you of enjoying your pregnancy.

My two previous pregnancies were completely different. Which is a little ironic because they were both girls.

Just like no two babies are the same, no two pregnancies are the same either.

The biggest piece of advice I can give is embrace the journey because it goes by FAST. I know nine months seems like eternity when your hormones are ragging, back is aching, feet are ballooning and you can barely keep your eyes open. However, it will all be over before you know it.

I’ll be honest, this pregnancy has been VERY hard to embrace. Not only am I a hormonal, moody wreck but I feel old this time! joints are already achy and I am just exhausted all the time. By the way, collagen protein has helped tremendously with the joint pain.

And trust me, pregnancy is not nearly as hard is trying to rationalize with strong-willed, stubborn three year old. I really miss wine these days!


1. How long were we trying?

I started tracking my ovulation in February which was about 9 months postpartum from my second pregnancy.  

July 6th, three days before my expected period, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.

In all honestly, I was pretty disappointed. I had no right to be because it was our first time trying but I think I had really gotten my hopes up.

Three days later, July 9th, I still had not gotten my period and decided to take another test while my husband was at work. (Thank goodness these tests come in packs of two or more because I even took one four weeks after I found out because I wasn’t convinced I was pregnant.)

I took the test before putting the girls down for their afternoon nap and forgot about it.

When I walked back into the restroom a little while later, I looked down and could not believe my eyes….POSITIVE!

I was in shock and remember saying over and over, “no way, no way, OMG, no way!”

It was incredibly hard not to pick up the phone and call my husband. So instead, I quickly thought of a way to tell him when he got home.

I was not prepared with an exciting way to reveal the news so I frantically had to think of something while the girls were napping and before he got home.

Here is a little video of his reaction….


2. How this pregnancy compares to the previous two

I am not going to sugarcoat it, this pregnancy has been TOUGH so far. Both emotionally and physically.

One minute, I feel happy, excited and energetic. The next, I’m grumpy, easily irritated, short-tempered with my kids (and husband) and can barely keep my eyes open.

These mood swings are all part of the process but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier in those moments of irritation and exhaustion. 

Thankfully, I have not had morning sickness but I was extremely nauseous during the first couple weeks. 

I definitely started showing faster this pregnancy and my body seems to be changing quickly.

So far, other than the exhaustion and faster physical changes, I don’t see much differences. This pregnancy seems most similar to my first just based on how my body is physically changing.

In my first pregnancy, I gave into cravings WAY too much and gained 15 pounds in 8 weeks. I also don’t recall being as consistent with my workouts because I was nervous.

Working out during the first trimester is scary because of how exhausted you feel and the rapid increase in heart rate to accommodate the extra blood volume.

It took me a long to gain weight in my second pregnancy but not for good reasons. I had a sever stomach flu that landed me in the emergency room around 9 weeks pregnant.

I lost A LOT of weight and it took me several weeks to fully recover. Despite being sick, I still exercised when I recovered and gave into cravings occasionally but balanced it with quality food choices.

I feel a little more balanced this third pregnancy. I have given into cravings but not as compulsively as my first pregnancy and I have continued with the same, high intensity interval training workouts I did prior to pregnancy although the intensity is definitely not as high.

I have been so exhausted this time around which I contribute to being busier chasing two other babies all day.


3. What do I crave most & what do I eat?

My appetite has been out of control and the pregnancy cravings are real. Which is ironic because of the nausea but I literally wanted to eat all the time.

Early in the first trimester, I really craved pickles and McDonalds French fries which is very random since I haven’t eaten McDonalds in years but those fries and a diet soda every so often REALLY hit the spot.

I also craved watermelon for my evening snacks. It was so refreshing in the blistering heat spell we had. 

Now, as I approach the second trimester, my cravings have subsided but I still crave fruit and crunchy/ salty foods like popcorn or Popchips.

Oh, and spicy, I add jalapeños to almost everything which is also random because I usually can’t stand spice.

Popchips with cottage cheese, jalapeños and salsa is a frequent snack. I’m embarrassed to admit that but its true.

I try very hard to stick with healthy food choices but of course I still enjoy french fries, donuts, and ice cream every once in a while.

My husband gets bad pregnancy cravings too and he craves sweets. He eats cookies, strawberry shortcake loaded with whip cream or a frozen old fashioned donut (delicious) every singe night.

I don’t know where he puts it but all I know is that he better not stop working out.

I’m secretly envious of his ability to eat what he wants and not gain a pound. Actually, it makes me angry when I’m pregnant haha.

Here is a typical day of eating:

Breakfast: Before anything, I have coffee with unsweetened almond milk. This mama is cannot seem to function without a cup of coffee! Then I make whole wheat toast with avocado or peanut butter and honey and a couple scrambled eqq whites with vegetable. Sometimes I add the whole egg but not everyday.

Lunch: The weather has been so hot so I stick to a refreshing protein shake. My favorite right now is:

  • Organic Vanilla protein
  • Organic Greens Powder
  • 16 oz Unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ frozen banana
  • 1-2 handfuls frozen mango
  • ⅓ of an avocado
  • 2 scoops collagen protein (find out more about why I use collagen protein)
  • 1 Tbs. MCT oil (helps with brain function which I need during pregnancy)
  • 1-2 handfuls of ice

You can substitute the avocado with peanut butter or omit it all together but I love how the avocado makes the protein shake so creamy.

I buy the MCT oil and many other healthy foods, vitamins and snacks for myself and my kids through Thrive Market. Healthy eating can be expensive but they always have great deals.

They also ship items very fast. I hate grocery shopping, especially with wild kids, so anything I can find online is a winner for me.

Click here to get 25% off your first order!


Dinner is usually a salad with salmon, chicken or ground turkey, avocado, tomato, olives, sunflower seeds (sometimes) and low calorie vinaigrette.

I also make taco lettuce wraps a few times a week and spice them up with my jalapeños.


I am definitely a grazer.

My favorite snacks right now are Wasabi Almonds, Lara BarsPopchips with cottage cheese and jalapeños, lite popcorn or fruit such as watermelon or white peaches.  

I like the individual pack size for better portion control, especially during pregnancy when my portions are out of control.

Managing cravings and food aversions during pregnancy it tough and can also be very frustrating.


4. My first trimester prenatal workouts

Working out this pregnancy has already been pretty tough.

I try to remind myself the benefits of prenatal fitness to both mom and baby but sometimes it just seems impossible to move my body!

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I find myself out of breath very quickly and lose steam fast. My goal has been to get at least 3-4 workouts in a week…even if they are just 10 minutes or taking the girls for a long walk.

As I approach the second semester, I feel my energy coming back. They call the second trimester the “honeymoon trimester” because mamas often feel the best during that time.

I have not modified any exercises yet. I still do interval training with the approval of my doctor and core work. I listen to my body and stop when I need to rest.

The first trimester is a great time to focus on core work because you don’t have to avoid being on your back yet.

Core and pelvic floor strength is absolutely essential during pregnancy. I cannot emphasize it enough. 

I had more back pain with my first baby than my second and my second was almost two pounds bigger.

I contribute less aches and pains to really focusing on maintaining core strength during pregnancy and being aware of exercises and movements that can worsen Diastasis Recti.

One important note that I want to share is that the intensity of prenatal workouts is determined by your activity level PRIOR to pregnancy. While most moms can exercise during pregnancy, the intensity will be determined by your fitness level prior to becoming pregnant.

I have had the same OB doctor through all my pregnancies and he has always told me that I can do anything that I did prior to becoming pregnant but I must listen to my body.

While working out during pregnancy is safe and HIGHLY recommended for both mom and baby’s health, the intensity will be different for everyone. Also, not everyone will be able to exercise due to medical reasons. But if you are medically able, prenatal exercise can make pregnancy, delivery and recovery much easier!

Even on days where I am not up for a workout, I still do my core and pelvic floor exercises. These are not an option.


5. Everyone always asks about supplements!

Right now, I consistently take a prenatal multivitamin, magnesium Calm at night to help with digestion and sleep.

One supplement I have added to my prenatal routine is Collagen protein. I take this religiously pregnant or not.

Not only is does it do wonders for skin, nails and hair but it also really helps with joints.

Our bodies release a hormone called “relaxin” during pregnancy. The purpose of this hormone is to soften the joints in the pelvis to allow for expansion of the pelvic bones during delivery.

However, the hormone also softens every joint in the body and can cause pain and/or injury if not careful.

The collagen protein can help with these aches and pains and support your joints. I wish I had taken it during my first and second pregnancies. 

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6. Pregnancy and Body Positivity

Staying positive about the changes your body goes through during pregnancy is very hard. I always feel so thankful and blessed to be pregnant yet scared of the changes that occur to my body.

For me personally, the first trimester is especially difficult because I go through the “in between stage” of people wondering if I am just gaining weight or if i’m pregnant.

I feel much less worried about the changes in my body this time around but only because I have already been down this road twice.

As someone who has battled and overcome eating disorders and body image issues her entire life, pregnancy has really taught me how to love, respect and appreciate my body more for what it is capable of doing rather that what it is capable of looking like.

Seeing the changes that take place to your body during pregnancy can be VERY scary. Trust me, I have shed many, MANY tears over clothes not fitting or seeing the number on the scale constantly increasing.

However, being able to grow and birth another human being is incredibly empowering.

The number one most important thing that having three totally different pregnancies has taught me is that every pregnancy is sooo different and comparing ourselves to others is just not worth the stress.

I enjoy getting fitness, fashion, beauty product and baby gear ideas from other mamas but I have to remember to cater those ideas to fit my own pregnancy and lifestyle.

Friendly Reminder

Each pregnancy, I’ve gained weight differently and in different places. This shows we don’t have much control over WHERE we gain weight but we do have some control over HOW much weight we gain.

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7. How do you cope with The Emotional Changes of Pregnancy

I thought I would feel less nervous and worried this time around after already having gone through two pregnancies.

However, it has been completely opposite.

I am an emotional, nervous wreck!

I find myself feeling MORE worried and nervous this time around which I contribute it to knowing what to expect. We have been so blessed with two, healthy little girls and I can only pray that this baby is the same.

My last delivery was pretty traumatic and scary and as much as I try to stay positive and not think about it, I still find myself scared to go through it again.

I also find trying to keep up with two other babies absolutely exhausting.

If this is your first pregnancy or even second, take the advice from others and rest when you can!

Since we have two girls, I think many are secretly hoping this is a boy. But between you and I, I have a feeling this baby is another girl. 


8. How much weight have you gained?

I saved this one for last because it is a sensitive subject. 

I gained about 5 pounds my first trimester but many of my clothes stopped fitting comfortably around week 10 meaning my body is changing fast.

To prevent excess weight gain the first trimester, I really try to remember that the baby is only about the size of a jelly bean or lime during the  and doesn’t need an abundance of extra calories. This is tough when you feel starving all the time.

The most important thing to focus on is food QUALITY. Making sure you are getting a variety of nutrient dense foods to help balance out those splurge meals.

Eating for Two, but not yet!

The phrase “eating for two” can really get us in trouble during pregnancy.

I KNOW how hard it is to eat healthy when you feel like crap and are exhausted and starving.

The struggle to eat well the first 12 weeks of pregnancy was real.

But excess weight gain is not healthy for mama or baby and can make you feel even more crappy and exhausted.

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Staying active and eating balanced really helps me feel more positive and confident about the changes in my body as well as helps me cope with anxiety caused by fear and worry.

Enjoy your splurge meals and give into those cravings, just not everyday!


In Conclusion…

I know the first trimester is a difficult period of time. You’re scared, anxious, and unsure of what to expect.

Just try to remember that healthy mom means healthy baby. Use pregnancy as time to get heathy by eating well, staying active and reducing stress as much as possible!

What were your biggest challenges and fears during your first trimester?