7 Tabata Home Workouts to Burn Serious Calories in Record Time

Are looking for some new workouts to spice up your routine, burn some serious calories and reshape your body as quickly as possible?

These 7 full body Tabata style workouts are guaranteed to leave you feeling like a calorie burning machine!

If you haven’t tried the Tabata Protocol, you are really missing out on the best workout methods for burning some serious calories, melting fat and helping to reshape your body in as little as four minutes a day.

If this sounds too good to be true, stick with me and you will quickly see why this is one of my favorite workouts, especially being an extremely busy stay at home mom.

Tabata has also been called the “Four Minute Miracle Workout” and for good reason!

This method of training is very deceiving in the results it delivers in only four minutes.

The quick results higher intensity workouts offer is undeniably the best solution for us busy moms who struggle with finding time, energy and motivation to workout.

I like to put my own little twist on the traditional four minute Tabata protocol and do three rounts for a total of 12-15 minutes.

Disclaimer: Tabata training is an intense workout. Please consult with your healthcare provider before begining any new workout routine.

Why You’re Not Seeing Results

One of the biggest misconceptions I see all the time is most think the more you exercise, the better the results.

(Insert emoji forehead slap here!)

When it comes to losing weight and reshaping your body as quickly as possible, exercise intensity, consistency and a healthy diet, matter MUCH more than how many hours of exercise you do.

I say this in almost every single blog post I share, choosing QUALITY over QUANTITY not only drives better results but it delivers much faster results!

While I strongly believe the best method of exercise is whatever you are most likely to stick with long term, different goals require different forms of exercise.

If fat loss, weight loss and kicking your metabolism into high gear in the least amount of time are your goals, then different variations of High Intensity Interval Training is by far the best approach.

Short workouts that deliver fast results are the wave of the future and this is why Tabata Workouts are some of my favorite!

What is the Tabata Workout Method?

Tabata training is one of the most popular types of High Intensity Interval Training Training (HIIT).

It was developed by a Japanese Scientist named Dr. Izumi Tabata in 1996 and has since gained a tremendous amout of attention for its ability to deliver fast results in such a short period of time.

In one study, when done correctly, one session of Tabata burned the same number of calories as a 60-minute jog!

I don’t know about you, but a couple four minute workouts compared to a 60 minute jog gets me much more motivated to workout!

The protocol for this type of HIIT training is 20 seconds of all out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight rounds.

This a total of four minutes.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, give it a try and see for yourself!

Does Tabata Burn Belly Fat?

This is one of the most common questions I get about Tabata or HIIT workouts.

Myth: In order to get a flat tummy, you have have to focus on doing an obscene amount of core exercises.

Fact: In order to flatten your tummy, you must consistently eat in a caloric deficit, and lose enough total body fat in order to reveal that tight, toned tummy!

And Tabata is an excellent way to burn a lot of calories which is one element of burning belly fat!

What are the Benefits of Tabata?

  1. The workouts are more sustainable due to its less strict time requirements.
  2. The workouts are easily accessible and I believe everyone can find four minutes in their day!
  3. Improves athletic performance.
  4. Ramps up you metabolism to continue burning calories even after the workout is over.

What’s The Catch?

The only catch is you have to actually push yourself HARD!

If you think you are going as hard as you can, go harder.

Because this style of training isn’t meant to be a walk in the park, in my professional experience, many people don’t push themselves hard enough during the 20 second intervals in order to get the most out of the workouts.

The 20 second bursts are meant to be all out, as hard as you can go.

This kicks your metabolism into high gear and causes your body to burn more calories AFTER the workout is over in order to return to it’s natural resting state. (Also known as EPOC)

How Do I Implement Tabata Training Into My Workouts?

When it comes to exercise frequency, intensity and duration, what matters most is your own personal training level, age, ability and how quickly your body recovers from exercise.

The original Tabata Protocol was done four days per week for six weeks.

I would suggest starting with 2-3 sessions a week then adding from there but not exceeding 5 days.

If time allows, you can also sprinkle in lower intensity workouts throughout the week to add some variety to your routine and maintain workout consistency.

Keep in mind, any form of HIIT training can be very strenuous on the body and in order for the body to repair, it needs to rest.

We want those muscles to be able to repair so they can grow stronger!

It is also very important to use an interval timer to make sure you stay on target with your intervals.

I use an app on my phone called “Gymboss Timer” where you can create your own intervals or use the intervals provided.

What are The Best Exercises For Tabata Workouts?

Often times, people choose exercises that are too mellow or complicated to get the most out of the 20 second intervals.

To get the most from your Tabata workouts, you must choose exercises that are going to get your heart rate up enough to elicit what is called EPOC (Exercise Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

EPOC is basically the number of calories your body must continue burning AFTER the workout session is over in order to bring it back to it’s natural state.

The key to HIIT training is to get your body to continue burning calories and doing MORE work AFTER the workout session is over!

This is why choosing exercises that really kick your booty will deliver the best fat loss results.

9 Important Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Tabata Workouts

  1. Make sure you warm up for about 5-10 minutes. This helps bring some blood flow and oxygen to the muscles to prevent injure and prepare them to work hard. If I do Tabata along with another workout, I like to do it last when my body is warmed up.
  2. If you choose to do multiple Tabata workouts in one session, make sure you rest 1-2 minutes in between rounds.
  3. Choose full body exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible.
  4. Watch your form! Your body and muscles will quickly fatigue as you approach the last couple rounds. Make sure you focus on form to avoid injury.
  5. Go all out during the 20 second bursts. If you think you are going as hard as possible, go harder. If you don’t feel completly toasted after the four minutes, you did not go hard enough!
  6. Don’t slow down as you approach the end of the interval. Seriously, do not slow down!
  7. Focus on finding your breath during the 10 second rest interval.
  8. Be prepared to feel exhausted, sweaty and on fire!
  9. Remember, it’s only four minutes!

The Tabata Workout Format

20 seconds all out effort

10 seconds rest

Repeat eight times for a total of four minutes.

8 Fat Burning Tabata Exercises

7 Tabata Style Workouts That Burn Serious Calories in Record Time

Give these 10 fat melting full body Tabata workouts a try for yourself!

Alternate back and forth between each exercise for a total of 8 rounds

Try more than one round for an extra challenge or combine several of the workouts to really push yourself!

1. Burpees & Mountain Climbers

2. Burpee Jump Lunge & High Knees

3. Up Down Plank & Skater Hops

4. Jump Squats & Mountain Climbers

5. Burpees & Skater Hops

6. Burpees, up down planks, high knees & mountain climbers

7. Burpee jump lunge, skater hops, jump squats, mountain climbers (my favorite!)

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