70 Birth Affirmations To Make Your Birth Dreams Come True

The process of bringing a new life into the world is one of the most challenging and transformational experiences a woman can go through. 

I know this first hand because I am mom of four kids.

I consider myself very physically and mentally tough person but I will humbly admit that birth was the most physically and mentally challenging thing I have ever been through.

And while you can’t control everything that happens during labor and delivery, you can control your mindset

Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool that can help impact the way your body and mind responds to the pain and the fear of birth. 

Using positive affirmations during labor can physically retrain your brain in how it responds to the fear and pain of birth.

In fact, they can make a huge difference in your entire birthing experience by helping you tune out distractions, cope with the pain, stay calm during labor, and find strength in the moments you need it most. 

If birth affirmations seem too good to be true, stick around to learn the science behind these magical phrases and how they can help control your mind during the most challenging day of your life!

What Are Birth Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself in order to manifest change in your life.

They can help challenge and overcome negative or self-limiting beliefs about yourself or your future self. 

While they may seem a little farfetched, the truth is that affirmations can be an incredibly powerful way to physically change areas of the brain associated with negative thinking.

The power of affirmations lies in their ability to change your negative inner dialogue and the self-doubt that is often created by fear or anxiety such as during pregnancy and childbirth.

When used as part of a birth plan, affirmations can help you to stay calm and confident throughout the process, from the first contraction to holding your baby in your arms! 

How Do Birth Affirmations Work? 

Positive birth affirmations help break down negative thought patterns that often manifest during pregnancy and birth, and replace them with positive, empowering thoughts instead.

They do this through a process called “neuroplasticity“.

Simply put, this is the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to new thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. 

Neuroplasticity explains how our brains are able to master new skills, learn new things, store information and memories, and even change how we think and feel. 

Certain parts of the brain are referred to as “malleable” or “plastic” which gives it the ability to change in response to experiences or learning something new. 

Every time your brain processes new information either through experiences or learning, new pathways are created in the brain called , “neural pathways”.

Think of this as water running through a river. 

At one point, the ground the water flows through was flat. 

Eventually, that water became so strong and consistent that it paved a new path for itself. 

This is how neuroplasticity works. 

The more you repeat affirmations, the stronger the new neural pathway becomes leading to lasting changes in your thinking and behaviors.

Do Birth Affirmations Really Work?

My mindset was the biggest difference between my first birth and last.

I felt much more mentally prepared because I was equipped with better mental and physical preparation.

Fear and pain are a natural part of the birthing process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. 

Birth affirmations can help you work through your fears and pain by preparing your mind for anything that might happen. 

Studies show that training your brain can help lower levels of stress and the perception of pain. 

Affirmations can literally train your brain to think more positively and productively about your birth experience

Use these birth affirmation cards throughout your pregnancy and during labor to help take control of your mind and remind yourself that you are a strong and capable woman.

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How Can Affirmations Help During Childbirth?

Preparing your mind for childbirth is just as important as preparing your body.

While affirmations may seem a little hokey-pokey, there is actually science behind how they positively influence our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors. 

Affirmations tap into your subconscious mind to help turn negative thinking and fears into a more positive mindset. 

For many women, the process of childbirth is an incredibly scary, emotional, and stressful time. 

In addition to the fear of the physical pain of labor, there is often a great deal of anxiety about the unknown. 

“Will everything go according to plan?”

“What if something goes wrong?” 

“Am I strong enough to birth my baby safely?”

These are all completely normal and natural feelings.

Affirmations can help to ease some of this anxiety by helping you to focus on the positive. 

Even if things don’t go according to your birth plan, hearing affirmations that celebrate your beauty and strength can help you to embrace whatever comes your way. 

So whether you’re facing a change of plans or just need a little extra motivation, incorporating affirmations into your childbirth preparation can be an incredibly powerful tool.

How To Use Birth Affirmations

There is no hard/fast rule on how to use affirmations. 

Start by identifying your biggest fears or anxieties about giving birth. 

It could be something specific such as you’re terrified of the pain, or your birth not going as planned. 

Perhaps you want a natural birth with no drugs or interventions.

Once you have identified what you’re afraid of, you can start to choose affirmations that address those fears. 

You can also create your own birth affirmations based on your birth plan and the things you hope to achieve. 

Then, be consistent with repeating your affirmations either out loud or in your head. 

Carry your cards with you throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth as visual reminders. 

You can also write them on sticky notes and put them in places you will see often.

The more you practice affirmation cards, the better prepared you will feel for birth and you’ll be amazed at how much strength and peace of mind they can provide on the big day.

My Favorite Affirmations for Birth

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff!

Here are some of my favorite affirmations.

Fell free to use these positive phrases as they are or change them to make them more personal to you and your baby.

While birth plans may not always go as expected, having birth affirmations ready will help you stay focused on your birth and remind you of your strength. 

Every birth story is beautiful and special, no matter the outcome.

  • I let go of any expectations I have about my birth and surrender to the needs of my body and my baby.
  • I trust that my body knows what it is doing to bring my baby into this world healthy and strong.
  • I am capable, strong, and courageous in the face of birth. 
  • My baby knows how to birth perfectly and naturally. 
  • My body is relaxed, open and ready for birth. 
  • I honor this journey and every part of it – no matter how it unfolds. 
  • I am supported and surrounded by love, strength, and courage. 
  • My birthing journey is a beautiful process that I will handle with grace.
  • I have prepared my mind and body for this day and I am ready to surrender to this birthing process
  • The journey ahead is filled with joy and strength.
  • I embrace the unknown and surrender my fears. 
  • I can do this because I have no choice
  • The more I resist the process, the harder it will be.
  • I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • My body is created to do hard things.
  • The pain of labor is temporary, holding my baby is forever. 
  • I am open to whatever birth has in store for me. 
  • My baby and I are safe, secure and loved throughout this entire experience. 
  • Each surge of my body brings strength within me to carry on. 
  • I surrender to this process and know that I am capable of whatever birth journey lies ahead. 
  • I have faith that my birth will be a positive experience, no matter how it unfolds. 
  • My baby and I are safe, secure and loved throughout this entire birth experience. 
  • I have faith that the birth of my baby will be an empowering experience for me and my baby. 
  • I trust that birth will happen in its own timing and I am capable of handling whatever it brings. 
  • This birth is unfolding exactly as it should be and I am ready for the outcome.

Birth Affirmations For Managing Pain

This is when practicing your affirmations truly helps to control your mind. 

As labor pain intensifies, take a deep breath and visualize the affirmations you have been practicing. 

  • I let go of any expectations I have about my birth and surrender to the needs of my body and my baby.
  • Labor is a natural process and this pain is helping to bring my baby into my arms. 
  • Getting through each contraction proves that I am strong enough to birth my baby.
  • Pain is temporary and reminds me that birth is near. 
  • I am taking one contraction at a time
  • I will use the time between contractions to rest my mind and body to prepare it for the next wave. 
  • I trust my body knows what it needs and am not afraid to let go. 
  • I am able to manage my labor pain with each breath and relaxation technique I use.
  • I am strong enough to handle this pain.
  • I am strong and capable of delivering my baby naturally.
  • The more I relax, the faster my body can deliver my baby.
  • I will focus on the sensations of birth and stay relaxed.
  • It’s not pain, it’s power.
  • I can do anything for one minute so I will take this journey one contraction at a time.
  • Requesting medication for pain management does not mean I have failed or am weak.

Affirmations for When Your Birth Does’t Go as Planned

Giving birth can be unpredictable and a birth plan may not always go as planned. 

Use these affirmations to help you feel prepared when your birth plan changes. 

  • My birth story might be different than others, but it will still be beautiful. 
  • I am strong enough to handle anything birth has in store for me. 
  • No matter what birth may bring, I have faith that my birth will be a positive experience. 
  • I will adjust to any changes to my birth plan if it ensures my baby and I are safe.
  • A change in my birth plan does not mean I have failed because a healthy labor is all that matters.
  • No matter what happens, I trust that it is all part of a beautiful birth story for us both.
  • I will keep an open mind and trust my health care providers when birth decisions arise. 
  • I can release my expectations and stay focused on the birth of my baby. 
  • I honor the birth journey I am on, no matter the outcome. 
  • My birth plan is less important than my birth vision. 
  • I am capable of adapting and accepting any changes that come up during the birth process.
  • I will trust my body, significant other and healthcare providers to give me with the support and encouragement I need in this moment. 

Affirmations for an Unplanned Cesarean Section 

Sometimes birth plans may not go as expected and a cesarean birth may be necessary. 

  • A cesarean birth does not make me any less of a mother. 
  • I have faith that this birth will be a positive experience for me and my baby. 
  • My birth story may look different than what I expected, but it is still beautiful. 
  • My body has done an amazing job of growing and nurturing my baby for the birth. 
  • It does not matter how I birth my baby, as long as they are safe. 
  • I will stay positive and focused on the birth of my baby. I know that I am capable of handling whatever birth has in store for us both. 
  • My birth plan is less important than my birth vision and I will trust my health care providers when birth decisions arise. 
  • No matter the outcome, I am still strong, capable and have done an amazing job. I will honor the birth journey I am on, no matter the outcome. 

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Final Thoughts on Affirmations For Birth

Regardless if this is your first birth or you’ve been down this road before, the journey of childbirth is one that can be filled with fear and uncertainty.

No matter how much you plan or prepare, there is always the potential for things to deviate from your expectations.

This can be frustrating and even scary, but it’s important to remember that ultimately, your body was made to do this.

Whether you’re looking to reduce fear and anxiety or manifest your dream birth, affirmations can be a powerful tool for achieving your desired results.

So don’t forget to pack your affirmation cards in your hospital bag and bring them into the delivery room to help keep you calm and focused!

You’ve got this mama!

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