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When we are short on time, the things we enjoy doing the least, such as workout, seem to get put on the back burner more easily.

Makes sense right?

If you have 10 minutes to spare, do you spend it zoning out on Social Media watching others exercise or do you spend it squeezing in a quick workout? I’ll admit. I am about 50/50 but I’m working on it!

Okay, so now you might thinking to yourself, “I don’t even feel like I have 10 minutes to spare to shower let alone workout”.

But you do! You just might need a little outside perspective to help you find it

First, let’s briefly touch on motivation. In order to utilize your time more efficiently, you need to have some motivation.

Since having kids, my need for exercise has never been greater. Being a mom is the greatest blessing one could ask for but contrary to what many believe, it doesn’t come with the requirement of sacrificing both our mental and physical health.

My kids are my greatest motivation. Living a healthy and active life that they will learn from helps keep me in check.

I also need the energy to keep up with them. I never want them to be disappointed that I can’t play with them because I don’t have the stamina.

Finding motivation is much harder than finding time. Once you find what motivates you, finding time will no longer be a struggle!

Here are some tips to help you put that motivation to use and find some time to exercise and reach your goals.

5 Simple things you can do right now to find time to workout

1.  Go to bed early, get up earlier

I will admit, mornings have never been my most pleasant times of the day.

However, there is no such thing as being a “morning person” or a “night owl” once becoming a mom. You quickly become both with very little sleep in between.

This is why schedules are so important. See below.

However, mornings are often the best chance to break a sweat because there are less interruptions such as kids (hopefully) and things aren’t as likely to come up in your day that prevent you from working out.

Getting up earlier doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sleep either. Go to bed a little earlier to accommodate for your early morning workout.

If you have trouble falling asleep like I do try an all natural sleep supplement (I swear by this one called “Sleep”) and, stay off your phone!

Instead, turn out the lights, grab a Kindle with a good book (amazing book I just finished!) and you’ll be asleep in no time.

If you plan for a 30 minute morning workout, wake up 45 minutes earlier to give yourself some time to dust of the sleepiness with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the piece and quite (hopefully the kids stay asleep).

2.  Get your family on a schedule

The obvious thing you probably think of when I talk about creating a schedule is scheduling your workouts.

Yes, this is important. However, what is even more important is creating a schedule for your entire family.

As the mama of the house (or wife), one of your main tasks is to be the family schedule coordinator, right?

This means you have more control over squeezing in your workouts than you think!

I will admit, friends used to give me a pretty hard time about how rigid I am with schedules.

However, many of them are now just as rigid with schedules as I am, if not more.

Why? Because everyone functions better. I get we all have different opinions on things like sleep schedules for kids and breastfeeding but for my family, schedules create predictability and everyone can plan their day better when we know what is expected ahead of time.

Here is a quick example.

In the early months of having a newborn, it can feel almost impossible to find time for a shower let alone exercise. Eight out of ten of my workouts would get interrupted by a hungry or sleepy baby.

However, once we started naturally settling into a more predictable feeding and sleeping schedule, I could plan my workouts (or showers) around the babies schedule.

Personally, I like knowing when my kids are going to sleep, eat and play so that I can plan my day and theirs, around it.

I also believe my kids are happier when they are on schedule. Again, this is just my family.

To help reduce some of the chaos and keep everyone on track, we have a command station that everyone can see what is going on for the week and find where they can fit in their own agendas, like working out!

3.  Dress the Part

I never thought I would wear “workout clothes” as much as I do since becoming a mom.

But at this point in my life, finding time to get fancied up to go the park or for a walk with my kids just isn’t happening.

Thank goodness workout attire comes in both functional and fashionable styles these days.

Often times, we have time in our days to break a little sweat but we just aren’t prepared with the right attire.

For example, do you ever take your kids to the park? There are endless exercise options you can do while your kids play. But only if you go prepared in the right workout attire. Throw a comfy pair of workout shoes in your car to sneak in a quick workout on your lunch break at work.

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If you workout early mornings, make sure you have your clothes ready for the morning.

I’ve heard some moms even wear their workout clothes to bed so they have no excuse in the morning!

Wearing your workout clothes every chance you get not only keeps you reminded to exercise but you’ll also be ready to jump into your workout when given the chance.

Remember, even just 10-15 minutes of physical activity can help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, reduce stress and burn calories to help weight loss!

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4.  Use Your Lunch Hour

Before having kids, I worked in management and put in 45-50 hours a week with a long commute each way.

Finding time to workout wasn’t always easy, especially on days I had to be at work early or stay late.

So I started using my lunch break to break a little sweat. Not only did this help me burn some calories, but it also really helped me decompress from a stressful morning, boost energy and feel more clear headed to tackle on the rest of my work day.

Pack some clothes and your favorite tennis shoes and sneak away to sneak in a workout.

If you’re worried what others think, STOP IT! Your health and happiness matters more that what others think.

Be a trendsetter and ask them to join. I even got some of my employees to join in with me a couple times!

Spend the first half of lunch breaking a sweat and the second half enjoying your meal. Here are some workouts that can be done at work.

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5.  Include Your Kids

I recently stumbled across a quote that really changed my perspective of maintaining my health and fitness as a mom. The quote was written on an image of a fit mom and her daughter. It said;

“Make them your reason, not your excuse”

Ah ha! It is so easy to use kids as an excuse to get out of doing almost anything. I will even admit, there have been times when I don’t feel up to doing something with family or friends, I think to myself, “how can I use my kids to get out of this one?”

Sounds bad but I’m sure you would understand if you were on day four of a fussy teething baby who hasn’t slept for days and neither have you.

Using your kids as an excuse to get out of going out to dinner is acceptable. Using them as an excuse to neglect your  mental and physical health is not.

I know this sounds a little harsh, but the harsh truth is that kids need to see you taking care of yourself.

This teaches them to learn how to care for themselves as they grow older.

For Mothers Day, my 2.5 year old daughter was asked at preschool her favorite thing to do with mommy. The teacher wrote the answer on a card and I was surprised with it when I picked her up.

Tears of happiness streamed down my face when I read, “I love to exercise with mommy!” Not only was I proud, but I no longer felt any guilt doing my workouts with my kids.

This gave me confidence that my babies love spending time with me no matter what the activity involves.

Trust me, taking a little break to sweat, burn of some calories and reduce stress by exercising with your kids is not neglecting them.

It is teaching them to love their bodies through your actions of loving yours.

Some of the best ways I could calm my fussy babies was to wear them during my workouts in a baby carrier.

I LOVE the Ergo 360 carrier because it not only does it distribute the weight evenly on my body to reduce any discomfort or pain, it also places the babies hips in a natural sitting position.

This can help prevent any discomforts or even hip dysplasia in babies. You’ll see me wearing this a lot in some of my newborn videos!

If you need some ideas and want to see how much fun my kids have with me while I sweat, head over to my Instagram or Facebook page where I share workouts I do with my kids!