Week 29: Fit Pregnancy Update

Fit pregnancy week 29

Week 29

I find myself feeling very guilty for complaining about how I feel this pregnancy. I never had morning sickness, there has not been any major complications and the baby seems to be healthy. But boy am I uncomfortable and my moods have been all over the place. Thank you hormones….ugh!

One struggle I have had is extremely bad stomach pains which leave me doubled over on the floor at least 2-3 times a week. This makes working out a challenge which does not help my moodiness…seems like a vicious cycle!  The only way to know if the pains are related to the pregnancy or not is to wait and see if I still have them after the baby is born. So I have really been counting down the weeks.

I like to think that no pregnancy is perfect. If there is, then I am jealous! My first pregnancy was a walk in the park compared to this one but it was by no means, “easy”. Piper did not move as much as babies should in utero and I was put on modified bed rest at 34 weeks due to preterm contractions. The scary part was that I did not even know I was having them. I went in for a routine check up and her heart rate was extremely fast. They had me rush over to Labor and Delivery for a non stress test and that was when it was discovered that I was contracting. After two shots to stop the contractions, I was sent home and told to stay on modified bed rest until I reached 36  weeks. Because of her lack of movement, I had non stress tests at least once a week for the duration of the pregnancy. I ended up carrying her full term and it was not until I delivered Piper that the doctor discovered her umbilical cord was very short. So short in fact, that she could not even reach my chest until the cord was cut. This was most likely why she was not very active during my pregnancy with her.

We are EXTREMELY thankful she had no complications due to the size of the umbilical cord. I have read this can cause a multitude of issues. The worry of a parent begins  from the day you find out you are pregnant and never goes away. Some days are definitely harder than others but everyday is a true blessing. So instead of focusing on how uncomfortable I have been feeling, I remain thankful that I am able to carry a baby. I would suffer a million aches and pains in order to have children!

Here is how week 29 went:

Todays Date: 02/25/2017

How many weeks are you: 29

What trimester are you in: THIRD!! YAY!

How big is the baby: Size of a Pineapple

Weight Gain: 16 pounds, the weight gain is definitely getting more rapid!

Food Cravings: Cereal and French Fries

Food Aversions: None

Gender: GIRL!!!

Diet: Sticking to the same eating schedule however I find myself snacking a little more and more.


Small piece of toast with peanut butter right when I wake up

A few hours later is usually:

Egg whites


Cereal or oatmeal


Chicken breast

Vegetable like spaghetti squash


A protein and a huge salad or other vegetable.

My go to has been butternut squash with coconut oil and salt.


Protein Shake with banana

Carrots or Pop Chips and Hummus

Pistachios or almonds

Popcorn (I love the black pepper Skinny Pop popcorn)

Suja Juice

Rice Krispies

Weekly splurge:  Due to stomach pain, I haven’t had any huge splurge meals this past week. I did eat almost an entire box of Rice Krispies in two days but I don’t really count that as a splurge!

Exercise: I was able to get FIVE workouts in this week!! Wow, it felt nice to be able to stay so active. This was definitely a treat and I am usually satisfied with 4 a week. If you’re looking for some exercise ideas and motivation, take a look at my Instagram or Facebook page.

Aches and Pains: My stomach has been giving me a lot of trouble. Many nights are spent doubled over in pain or in the bath.

Have you felt the baby move: Yes, some days more than others.

Labor signs: None this week

Maternity clothes: I have worn a pair of maternity jeans a couple times however my gym clothes and yoga pants have been the most comfortable.

Sleep/Dreams: I wish I could just get one solid nights sleep but my brain just wont shut down. I guess this is what prepares me for having a newborn.

Favorite moment of the week: Celebrating Pipers year and a half birthday with a donut for her and Starbucks coffee for me!

Looking forward to: Celebrating my birthday and my husbands birthday this month!

The struggles of pregnancy weight gain

Since I am now in the third trimester, I see the doctor every two weeks. I was shocked to see I had gained three pounds since my last appointment only two weeks ago! Nothing had significantly changed with my workouts or diet which proves to me that my body is going to do whatever it needs at this point to have a healthy baby! I really struggle with the weight gain, as most women do. The best way for me to handle these feelings is to remind myself that pregnancy is only temporary and the end result is the absolute greatest gift one could ever imagine! All I can do is try my best to be as healthy as possible and trust the process.

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