Week 38: Fit Pregnancy Update

Week 38 Update fit pregnancy update

Week 38

Todays Date: 05/01/2017

How many weeks are you: 38

What trimester are you in: THIRD!! YAY!

How big is the baby: Spaghetti Squash

Weight Gain: 25 pounds

Food Cravings: Anything ice cold like frozen pineapple chunks and frozen grapes.

Food Aversions: A lot of food aversions. There is not much room for food these days.

Gender: GIRL!!!

Diet: Hunger seemed to strike with a vengeance this week! The baby must have had a growth spurt. Nothing sounded good to eat yet I felt starving all the time. This combination made for one grumpy mama. Instead of eating larger meals that never sit well, I have added more snacks throughout the day and this seemed to help stabilize my hunger and not upset my stomach.

A typical day looks a little like this:


Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey


Couple hours later:

Protein shake with almond milk, peanut butter with 1/2 banana

Cereal (occasionally)

Snacks: (I usually pick two or three of these a day until dinner)

Crackers with Cottage Cheese and salsa

Wasabi Almonds (Yum) and fruit

Rice Cakes with Peanut butter and honey

Crackers with hummus

Chicken with hummus or guacamole

Hard boiled eggs-1 whole egg and 2 whites with a piece of fruit

Popcorn and a piece of fruit

Ground turkey with veggies


Chicken, salmon burger patty, or turkey burger patty

Vegetables or large salad with tomato, avocado, olives and balsamic vinegar

PM Snack if still hungry:

1/2 c. Nonfat plain greek yogurt with 1tbs. peanut butter and 1-2 packets of trivia

Cereal- Cheerios or Rice Kripies

Weekly splurge: Unfortunately, no huge splurges this week.

Exercise: Finding energy to exercise continues to be a struggle. The motivation is there however my body is telling me to take it easy. This combination is a little frustrating at times because working out always makes me feel so much better. At this point in pregnancy, just simply going for a nice long walk with my daughter is better than nothing. My goal is to just keep moving as much as I can until the baby comes!

Here is a fun little circuit that can be done at home. I love using loop bands for my lower body workouts. They really help to target and engage the glute (booty) muscles. (Coming soon….Find out why glute activation is so important in building a better booty for looks and function). The loop band I am using here is called the SlingShot Hip Circle. It can be found on Amazon.

Mommy and me prenatal workout at home

  1. 15 (each side) Lateral Band walks- Keep hips back, booty down, core tight.
  2. 45 Second wall squat while opening and closing legs and keeping core tight.
  3. 15 (each side) Glute kick backs
  4. 15 (each side) Clam Shell
  5. Ring around a rosy with little one
  6. 15 squat press holding little one

Be sure to check out my Facebook and/or Instagram page for more workout ideas and examples.

Aches and Pains: Normal discomforts during the last couple weeks of pregnancy. My feet are starting to swell by the end of the day which is very uncomfortable.

Have you felt the baby move: Yes, she’s very active at times. She is definitely running out of room!

Labor signs: Still having contractions off and on but nothing consistent yet. The contractions seem to be most noticeable at night.

Maternity clothes: I cannot believe I have made it to the end of my pregnancy without purchasing any maternity clothes! I was able to use some of the clothes I had from my previous pregnancy and I spend most days in workout clothes. We just bought a new house and with the added expenses from that along with having a new baby, my goal was to make do with what I already had as best as possible.

Sleep/Dreams: Sleep this pregnancy has been a struggle. I am up a lot to use the restroom and falling back to sleep is always hard. There have been a couple really great nights of sleep recently but it is not often enough.

Favorite moment of the week: I am enjoying every moment with my daughter before the baby comes!

Looking forward to: The arrival of our baby girl any day now! I am very excited to have my husband home from work for a few weeks once she is born.

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