Week 21: Fit Pregnancy Update

Fit Pregnancy Week 21

Week 21

Todays Date: 01/03/2017
How many weeks are you: 21
What trimester are you in: Second
How big is the baby: Size of a carrot
Weight Gain: 5 pounds
Food Cravings: Still craving sweets. Staying away from them has been a little struggle.
Food Aversions: None
Gender: Unknown
Prediction: Boy
Diet: Back to eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. A typical day includes breakfast: egg whites, avocado and fiber  cereal or oatmeal, Lunch: Chicken and a vegetable, Dinner: A protein and a huge salad or other vegetable. Snack: Pistachios, oranges, apples, popcorn or a few ritz crackers with my daughter.
Weekly splurge: New Years Eve was a very big splurge. We indulged in a very diverse spread of appetizers and desserts. Everything was very delicious and I definitely rang in the new year with a bang!
Exercise: I was able to squeeze in 4 workouts this week. A good mix of upper body, lower body and cardio circuits.

Aches and Pains: My lower back and hip. My goal is to start incorporating more yoga stretches in my workouts in hopes of alleviating the tension in my upper and lower back.
Have you felt the baby move: Definitely much stronger movements!
Labor signs: None
Maternity clothes: None yet but getting close
Sleep/Dreams: I finally took out my pregnancy body pillow from storage and my sleep has been much better. (Link here)
Favorite moment of the week: Celebrating the New Year with our friends and family

Looking forward to: Getting back onto a better schedule with Piper and getting settled into our new home. Finding out the gender of baby #2.

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