Week 34: Fit Pregnancy Update


week 34: Fit Pregnancy Update

Week 34

Remember last week when I mentioned that I was not feeling as overwhelmed and rushed to get things ready for the new baby as I did with our first? Well, I take it back! The anxiousness of getting everything done in time has really kicked into high gear this past week. We do not have very much to do yet it still feels like there is no way we will get everything done. But that is life as a mom, right? The number one thing weighing on us is this baby still remains nameless! It seems like so many moms just “knew” what they were going to name their baby but yet we just cannot seem to narrow it down to one we absolutely love enough. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones who have gone through this!

The fatigue has really been giving me a run for my money this week. Lack of quality sleep is taking a toll quickly. However, in order to stay positive about the situation, I try to tell myself that this lack of sleep is preparing me for a newborn again.

My emotions have been running high as well. I have cried more in the past week than my entire pregnancy! I am beginning to feel very emotional about how quickly time has gone by with just my daughter and I. She has grown up so fast! I am overwhelmingly excited to welcome her baby sister however I feel sad that my time is now going to be divided between two babies and I know Piper will have a hard time adjusting.

Exercising has helped tremendously with the fatigue and emotions. However, getting to the gym or starting my workout at home has been a struggle. I ALWAYS feel 100% better after I get going but getting started in the first place is tough. I think this is something most of us can relate to, right? Sometimes our minds hold us back more than anything.

Todays Date: 04/05/2017

How many weeks are you: 34

What trimester are you in: THIRD!! YAY!

How big is the baby: Cantaloupe

Weight Gain: 21 pounds so far

Food Cravings: No cravings

Food Aversions: A lot of food aversions.

Gender: GIRL!!!

Diet: At this point in my pregnancy, there is not much consistency as far as pre-planning my meals. It seems hit or miss as to what will sound good in the moment. However, I still stick to my calories and macros for the day.

Sticking to healthy food choices during pregnancy can be really challenging because of food aversions and unhealthy cravings. I definitely give into cravings once in a while because it is important not to be too strict. However, giving into them too often is what will cause excess weight gain which is not healthy for mom or baby.


Small piece of toast with peanut butter right when I wake up

A few hours later is usually:

Protein Shake with Banana and Peanut Butter.

I am obsessed with Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein in chocolate and vanilla. Most protein powders really upset my stomach but this one has not given me any trouble and I really enjoy the taste!


Either another protein shake 


Chicken breast

Vegetable like butternut  squash

Almonds or avocado


A protein with a huge salad or other vegetable.

Im still love butternut or spaghetti squash


Lara Bars

Protein Shake with banana

Carrots or Pop Chips and Hummus

Pistachios or almonds

Popcorn (I love the black pepper Skinny Pop popcorn)

Cereal-Rice Krispies, Chex, Cinnamon Life

Rice Cakes with peanut butter and honey

Greek yogurt with peanut butter

Weekly splurge:  I made homemade peanut butter chocolate cookies for my husband and of course, I ate some too. They are not a healthy version either!

Exercise: I exercised 4 days this week. Each day felt like a huge struggle to find motivation or energy to workout but I felt 100% better each time I did.

I am still adding more cardio and higher rep weight lifting sets. The spin bike and stair climber are my best options right now because I do not experience any pelvic pain and I can continue doing interval training.

I have really been focusing on core and hip strength these last couple weeks. I also plan to incorporate some stretches to help with pains such as my back.

My fit pregnancy goals for the next SIX weeks are:

  • Focus on exercises to maintain core and pelvic floor strength. This will help with labor and any back pain (hopefully!)
    • Bird Dogs
    • Cat/Cow
    • Pelvic tilts
    • Side planks until they are no longer comfortable
    • Kegals EVERDAY!
  • Focus on exercises to maintain strength in my hips and glutes.
    • Clam Shells with loop resistance band
    • Glute kickbacks with band
    • Single leg hip thrusts with band
    • wall squats
    • reverse lunges with slight twist to work on balance and core
  • Continue doing 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week
  • Focus on yoga stretches to help with aches and pains and prepare for labor

If you are looking for some core strengthening exercises, check out this post where i share some of my favorite one. Click the image below to check out the post.

Prenatal Ab exercises


Safe ab exercises for pregnancy

Aches and Pains: I have not had as much pain lately, thank goodness. My Belly Bandit Belly Boost support provides a lot of extra support throughout the day and during my workouts. I notice a huge difference in pain and pressure when I don’t wear it. I have been wearing it my entire pregnancy!

Pregnancy support band

Have you felt the baby move: Yes, she has been going crazy lately. Sometimes she jabs me and it is very painful. She’s beating me up on the inside!

Labor signs: Not as many Braxton Hicks.

Maternity clothes: Still not many maternity clothes. I live in workout clothes these days.

Sleep/Dreams: Sleep is still a struggle but I am just learning to accept it. I am up a lot to use the restroom and falling back to sleep is always a struggle. The baby is very active at night so this also makes sleeping difficult however I love laying in bed feeling her move.

Favorite moment of the week: Spending time with friends.

Looking forward to: Celebrating Easter with our families.

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Prepping to push Pregnancy workout

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