Are you tired of time constraints preventing you from losing weight and feeling more confident?

I’ve been there and I totally get it! 

Hi, I’m Brooke. First and most important, I am a mom of two beautiful little girls and wife to an amazing husband.

I am also a personal trainer who has helped thousands of ladies just like you, uncover their ideal health, happiness and confidence through weight loss and fitness.

It has been through my own struggles of trying to balance my health, happiness and confidence with the heavy demands of raising children, maintaining a home and spending time with my husband that I have been able to achieve better result in my physique than

Maybe some of these feelings resonate with you….


You feel guilty for taking time for yourself but desire just a few minutes a week to take care of your own mental and physical health.
You feel frustrated when you look in the mirror. Not because your body has changed but because you want to feel more confident in your body.
You may even feel desperate to see change and try drastic yet unrealistic programs just to see result which turns into disappointment because they cant be maintained longer than a couple weeks.

Let’s be honest…

Finding time for ourselves is not easy!

I used to spend HOURS working only to achieve minimal results. I never had the muscle tone I was looking for and often dreaded working out.

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I was very worried how these long workouts would fit into my schedule.

Like most, I believed the longer I worked out, the better.

After my daughter arrived, my workouts had to be quick and jam packed in order to get them done.

Suddenly, my workouts were shorter yet I was seeing the best results I had seen in all my 15 years of training!! 

This lack of time is what has helped me get BETTER results from my workouts than prior to having babies and it can help you too! 

Lack of time has increasingly become the most common barrier to weight loss for most women

Your time is valuable…But so is your health, happiness and confidence!

I designed Tone in 10 to help women like us…


See weight loss results without strict time commitments or diet deprivation

See results in as little as 10 minutes a day!


Boost metabolism and burn 23-30% more calories than traditional moderate intensity workouts.

And continue burning more calories throughout your entire day!


Burn more fat and build muscle at the same time

Transforming and reshaping your body quickly 


Feel the confidence building effects of exercise

leaving you feeling stronger, more fit and confident then ever before

What makes Tone in 10 so unique and effective?

Proven workouts that get results FAST

Less time working out to spend more time with your loved ones

Workouts can be done anytime/anywhere

Home, game, vacation…workouts designed to accommodate where your lifestyle