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8 Ways Minimalism Can Help You Lose More Weight

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If your frustrated in your weight loss efforts yet lack the time or desire for more exercise and strict meal planning, I have some good news for you!

Turns out getting rid of the clutter in your life is just as important as getting rid of the sugar.

Too much clutter can really make or break a healthy lifestyle, including your waistline.

happy women cleaning.

Did you know studies have shown a direct correlation between decluttering and weight loss?

Recent studies (1) (2) have shown that people with overly cluttered homes are 77% more likely to be overweight or obese.


Because a cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind leaving you feeling more stressed and unable to make healthy choices.

So, does this mean that organizing and decluttering your home can help you lose weight?


Why Is Sustainable Weight Loss So Hard?

I have been doing some deep thinking and research lately as to why we, as a society, struggle with sustainable weight loss and healthy living. 

I recently polled some of my followers and I found an interesting discovery.

Lack of time, energy and motivation are the top three reasons people struggle with reaching their weight loss and fitness is goals.

And most workout programs these days are sold with promises of quick or drastic results.

The results achieved are rarely sustainable because the program fails to address the key factors that are contributing to lack of success in reaching health and weight loss goals to begin with.

This means most people have not failed in achieving their ideal weight loss and fitness goals.

They have simply been misled by thinking weight loss is as simple as eating healthy and exercising.

Redesigning your life by decluttering and getting more organized can have a huge impact on your ability to lose weight and keep it off!

What Does Clutter Have to do With Your Ability to Lose Weight?

Think about it like this.

You are going to be less likely to exercises if you are unable to find your running shoes buried in laundry.

You will be less motivated to prepare healthy meals if your kitchen is in shambles and dishes stacked a mile high.

And the 30 minute or more you spend looking for things could be better spent on doing things catered toward self care!

Another interesting study found that mothers who lived in homes they described as “cluttered” had higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Higher levels of stress contributes to poor eating, sleeping and general health habits.

This means that too much clutter can have a direct impact on your weight!

One of the first steps toward losing weight is to re-evaluate your environment and this means clearing the clutter and getting more organized.

3 Key Reasons Why We Struggle With Keeping The Weight Off?

Most of the clients I have worked with over the years are able to lose weight easily.

However, keeping the weight off is a challenge.


1. Too Much Focus On Diet and Exercise

When we focus on weight loss, we tend to overemphasize exercise and dieting without paying any attention to the reasons we struggle to lose weight to begin with. 

This means we don’t focus on our daily habits that prevent us from having time, energy and motivation to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

After working with hundreds of individuals over the years, I’ve seen first hand that those who live a simple, more organized life have more long term success in reaching and maintaining their health and fitness goals. 

2. The Visual Noise of Clutter

It is impossible to focus on your health with the visual noise that clutter causes.

According to a study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, clutter actually overloads the visual cortex of our brains and interferes with its ability to process information.

Clearing the clutter allows you to think and work more clearly and efficiently.

This allows you to spend less time on tasks and frees up more times for activities such as exercising, preparing healthy meals or spending time with loved ones.

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3. You Are Not Looking at the Big Picture

Too many programs these days sell people on promises of quick results but fail to address the how to redesign your life to make sustainable weight loss even possible.

This includes things like organization, prioritizing, planning and decluttering.

You will have a more difficult time staying consistent with your workout and nutrition plan if you are not organized in other areas of your life.

Simply decluttering, organizing and better planning will help you prioritize your health.

If you want to get serious about losing weight and improving your health, then you also need to get serious about reducing clutter in your life.

How Does Clutter Prevent Weight Loss?

1. Clutter Causes Stress

Too much clutter can cause stress which can cause the body to increase hunger and cravings throughout the day.

What happens when we feel more stressed?

We tend to overeat and sometimes even feel more depressed which can cause a reduction in your activity level. 

2. Prevents The Ability To Commit To Goals

The visual noise of clutter can impact your ability to create plans and goals you can commit to such as losing weight

Our ability to make time for exercise and healthy eating is diminished by the visual noice clutter and disorganization.

3. Clutter Sucks Up Time

Too much clutter prevents you from having time to exercise or prepare healthy meals

You will have more time, energy and motivation to exercise and prepare healthy meals when your time isn’t being wasted looking for things you need!

8 Reasons Decluttering Can Help You Lose More Weight

1. Improve Mental Health and Reduce Anxiety

Too much clutter can affect our mood and even how we view ourselves.

It can make us feel frazzled and in disarray.  

And it can make our tempers high and our patience low.


Somehow, in our minds, a clean home is a happy home.

Personally, it makes me feel more accomplished and “having it all together” when my house is clean and well-maintained.

But more than that, the visual clutter actually causes anxiety.

It somehow makes me feel like I dont have control over my home and that creates a lot of stress for me.

When we start to accumulate too much stuff, we can really start neglecting ourselves just to maintain our home and belongings.

And the weight that clutter adds is not just physical weight.

It can add emotional weight which can eventually lead to physical weight.

Too much stuff can make us feel like we have a never ending todo list and guess what get’s put on the back burner of a full to-do list?

Your health!

2. You’ll Have More Time

Clutter not only takes up space, but it takes up time

For every purchase you make, you spend time researching it, shopping for it, storing it, cleaning it, maintaining it and organizing it. 

While some things are definitely worth the time and energy they require, many of the items we have simply take up space and time.

The more stuff you own, the more time it takes up.

The less you own, the more time and energy you have for other things!

Time that could be spent toward your health and weight loss goals.

3. You Will Reduce Mindless Munching

I just love this one.

Do you often find yourself eating out of boredom?

It’s much more fun than cleaning or tackling your to-do list, right?

But eating out of boredom really sabotages your goals.

When you spend time doing things around the house to get more organized, you’ll be less likely to participate in what I call “mindless munching.”

This will save you a lot of calories and help you lose weight without even trying.

4. More Focus On Self Care

Self care feels impossible most days.

However, imagine the extra time you would have for yourself if it wasn’t spent trying to keep up with the constant clutter.

Imagine how much extra time you would have for a workout or healthy cooking if you didn’t spend so much time looking for things you can’t find because things are not organized.

5. Free Up Some Space

The more cluttered your kitchen, the less motivated you will be to cook healthy meals. 

It is impossible to do a home workout when you are distracted by too much stuff!

You will have more time, energy and motivation to workout and cook healthy meals when you have less visual noise of clutter.

6. Boost Energy

Reducing anxiety and stress caused by the visual noise of the clutter will help boost your energy and mood just in itself.

However, once you have more time for self care through exercising and cooking healthy foods and improving your quality of sleep, you will feel completely reenergized!

7. Burn Calories While Cleaning and Organizing

The physical act of cleaning and decluttering burns more calories than relaxing and watching TV or scrolling through social media.

This means you can work toward your weight loss goals simply by cleaning and organizing.

8. Improve Overall Quality of Life

Less clutter means more time for working out and preparing healthy meals which will help expedite your weight loss efforts. 

When you focus on reshaping your life by reducing clutter and getting organized, that is when the magic happens!

You will have more time for your workouts

You’ll have more time and energy to plan and prepare healthy meals.

You’ll be able to get more sleep which also helps with weight loss.

So, How Much Clutter is Too Much?

Keep in mind that everyone has a different threshold for their definition of “cluttered”.

For example.

My husband can watch a movie with a floor full of toys right in front of the TV.

I cannot.

In order to focus on the movie, I cannot see toys.

This means we have different thresholds for the amount of clutter we can handle.

So, I am not suggesting throwing everything out so you can lose weight!

I am simply suggesting that you focus on simplifying and organizing your environment to make it more favorable to finding time, energy and motivation to help reach your goals!

It should be a slow and gradual process so you don’t get overwhelmed.

And don’t forget, exercise and nutrition are two of the most important elements of your weight loss or fitness journey.

So, if you are tired of struggling with reaching your goals and feeling like it is impossible to lose weight and keep it off, start by focusing on reshaping your environment so you can reshape you life and your body!

My hope is for you to see that you have not failed in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals, you may have just been misled by thinking that all you have to do is workout and eat well to see results.

Do you feel clutter and lack of organization holds you back from eating well and exercising?