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Today’s post is short, sweet and sweaty!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll quickly see that the park is one of my favorite places to squeeze in some full body toning exercises and burn calories with my babies.

As busy mamas, we don’t always have the luxury of getting to the gym as often as we would like. Sometimes we barely make it there at all! 

But this doesn’t mean we can’t burn calories and tone our beautiful bodies. 

So, instead of sitting on the sidelines while the kids play, get up and get moving with them.

Burning calories doesn’t have to be in a fancy gym. The more calories a day you burn, the more likely you are to lose weight or prevent stacking on extra pounds.

Are you embarrassed that people are watching?

Oh man, I used to feel that way too! Especially when my husband would ask, “are you really going to do ‘that’ right now”- (“that” meaning exercise). Grrrr.

At first, I was like you and embarrassed to be seen in random places doing my exercises. But then realized how much better I feel BOTH mentally and physically from squeezing in some exercise whenever I have a chance. My goal is to worry less about what people think and more about how I feel.

We spend too much time worrying about what others think instead of focusing on our own goals and ambitions. Guilty as charged!

However, I encourage and challenge you to be a trend setter and use the time outdoors with your kids to break a little sweat, burn some calories and release those feel good endorphins! 

And my favorite part…

Your kids will have so much more fun seeing you move your body rather than sit on the sidelines like a lump on a log!  

What To Do

Counting reps with kids is impossible so I recommend using a timer on your phone for intervals. I downloaded the Free “Gymboss” App. 

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds work 15 Seconds rest. Shoot for 3-4 rounds.

Give these exercises a try the next time you’re at the park and tag me at #strugglesofafitmom so I can help cheer you on!