Mommy essentials

No BS Mama Essentials. Stop Wasting Money on Useless Crap!

Motherhood is definitely not easy and we get easily suckered into buying anything that might make this job a little easier. Been there done that, here are my mommy essentials!

I have spent so much wasted money and time on things I thought I needed or wanted only to realize 50% of them ended up in storage.

In order to save you the time and money I have wasted, I have devoted a lot of time putting together this huge list of my all time favorite mommy must haves. Not only are these things that I love but most of my mom friends also have the same things so I know they are definitely worth the money.

Some of My Favorite Workout Essentials

BellyBandit Belly Boost support band:

I could not have made it through many of my workouts or long days of chasing a toddler without the BellyBandit Belly Boost support band. It is not bulky and awkward like some belly support bands are and it hides well under clothes. It provided just the right amount of support for my growing belly and it can be worn for working out or just day to day support. If you are looking for some extra support for your growing belly that is discrete and comfortable, this is definitely the band for you.

Pregnancy belly support


Loop exercise bands

One of the first places I tend to gain weight, during pregnancy or not, is my hips and booty.  It wasn’t until I incorporated loop bands into my training that I noticed a huge change in my backside. The best part is that they can be used just about anywhere. These are my favorites and I use them both in many of my videos on Instagram.

Mommy and me prenatal workout at home

Exercise Ball

Every mom needs one of these during pregnancy and postpartum! Bouncing on the ball late in pregnancy can help open up the pelvis for delivery. Once your baby is born, the relaxation powers of bouncing on the ball is miraculous. Bouncing a fussy baby also gives mom an added bonus of a little core workout!

Prenatal and Postnatal workout with exercise ball

So many uses for an exercise ball during pregnancy and postpartum

Foam Roller

Getting a massage as a new mommy is pretty much impossible. We still carry all the aches, pains and tension from giving birth, holding babies all day and breastfeeding. I use my foam roller every night before bed to help release some tension in my neck and back and it is a lifesaver. Someday I will have time for massages again, but until then, I rely heavily on my foam roller.

Qalo Rings

These are a mommy and daddy must have!

I was obsessed with my Qalo ring before having babies but now I have become even more obsessed. The soft silicone is much more comfortable to wear on swollen fingers during pregnancy. Chasing babies around all day can be messy so wearing my Qalo ring prevents my wedding ring from getting dirty or lost. The silicon is much softer than diamonds so I can’t scratch my babies. My husband also wears one daily to prevent his good wedding ring from getting scratched or lost at work. They have so many different colors and styles to chose from!

Lululemon Align Pant

I wore these pants pretty much every single day of my pregnancy, even in the summer! The material is so soft and comfortable that the first time I put them on, I felt like I was naked. They make for the best maternity legging/pant I have ever worn. You can get them here.

Prenatal Cardio Core Workout

My Favorite Things

Leacho Back n’ Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Getting a decent night sleep during pregnancy can take a miracle. If getting comfortable continues to disrupt your beauty rest, I highly recommend the Leacho Back n/ Belly pillow. I love that it wraps around your entire body providing support from multiple angles and helps to alleviate some of the discomforts that interrupt sleep.

Uppababy Vista Stroller

I cant even list the myriad of reasons why the Uppababy Vista stroller is one of the best purchases I have made as a mom! This stroller has effortlessly taken my first daughter from infancy to toddlerhood. The versatility of this stroller is unlike any other that I had tried. During the newborn stage, the large pram quickly became a lifesaver and the carseat attachments made for the perfect travel system. Now with two babies, the multiple variations of seating arrangements makes this stroller an absolute must have. The extra large cargo basket is a huge added bonus. I rarely use shopping carts anymore. The babies sit so comfortable that I can even get my workouts in with it!

Uppababy Vista stroller workout

Uppababy Vista stroller is great for workouts

Uppababy Vista Stroller

There are so many different configurations for this stroller. Its a must have!


Chicco Nextfit Zip Carseat

I am pretty OCD when it comes to picking the perfect safety products for my babies. I spent HOURS researching carseats with my first baby and it took weeks for me to make my final decision. Picking the right carseat for my new precious cargo was no easy feat. Not only did I want something extremely safe but I also wanted a carseat that was easy to clean and convenient to use.

The Chicco NextFit Zip Carseat fit all my strict criteria for a carseat. Not only is it rated high in safety but the zip lining makes it so easy to clean. Win Win! If the removable lining is not appealing to you, there is a version that is slightly less expensive and does not have zip feature. For more reviews on the carseat, check out this article.

Chicco Zipfit carseat

Testing out her fancy new Chicco carseat. I think she approves!

Nest Security Camera

I am embarrassed to admit that I went through FIVE baby monitors before choosing the Nest Camera. Putting your baby in another room alone can be scary! I had high expectations and strict criteria for a camera that would reassure me once my baby was all alone. It needed to have:

-A clear picture
-Clear sound
-Access by phone
-Access when away from home
-The ability to save videos and review old footage
-Two way communication

The Nest camera far exceeded all of my expectations! If your searching for a camera that leaves you feeling comfortable leaving your baby alone, this is definitely the camera for you. Its even more reasonably priced than many baby monitors.

Nose Freda

I get this for every first time mama! Gone are the days of those hospital provided nose bulb suckers. The Nose Freda is by far the best way to suck out your poor babies little boogies. I was a little worried if it was possible to suck too hard with this however our doctor assured me that I would not cause damage by sucking too hard! Suck those boogies away!

Nose Freda

Someone has been watching mama use the Nose Freda on her little sister


When I first heard about these, I was appalled. However, when you have a screaming baby with so much gas they look like they may explode, you’re pretty much willing to try anything (within reason obviously) The Windi is a little tube that is inserted into the babies bottom to help release air. Back in the day, I was told that moms would use a rectal thermometer for this. The nice thing about the Windi is there is a stopper to prevent the tube from being inserted too far. I have asked our pediatrician about these and she says they are perfectly safe. The Windi has come in so handy and really helped both my babies when gas drops did not work.

Milk Screen Test Strips

Lets face it, having a glass of wine (or two) after a long day is luxurious as a busy mom. However, it is not very relaxing with the worry of being safe to breastfeed after enjoying a glass. These test strips have taken the fear of alcohol getting to my baby away and allowed me to enjoy some much needed wine every once in a while. I always have them on hand.

Fisher Price Rock n Play

Both of my babies have used the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play instead of bassinets for the first few months of life. Not only is it portable and convenient to use, but it also provides a slight angle to help with any kind of reflux your baby may have. I love that I can carry my babies around the house in it so I can keep a close eye on them.

Both babies have loved their Rock n Play sleeper

Ergo baby Nursing Pillow

My favorite thing about the Ergo Nursing Pillow is the firmness. My babies could nestle up comfortably in it without me being hunched over causing horrible nursing back pain.

Infantino Squeeze Station

Those fancy, organic baby food pouches can be expensive. I quickly became obsessed with making my own  once I discovered this squeeze station device. I could make enough pouches to last the week in less than an hour and I knew exactly what was going into them. This is probably one of my favorite baby items!

Homemade baby food pouches

She loves her homemade pouches

4 Moms Tub

This bath tub is like the king of all baby bath tubs. I wish they made an adult version! Not only does it allow your baby to be in the most comfortable and relaxing position but it also has a built in temperature gage so you never have to worry about the water being too hot or too cold. It even circulates the water to keep it warm enough for baby and flush out the dirty water.

4 Moms bath tub

Piper thinks this is the best bath tub to bathe her teddy bear

The Woombie

Sleep sacks are essential to getting quality sleep for both baby and parents. No matter how tight we swaddled, both of my babies were able to bust out of it within the first week of being home. This would not only wake them up, but the loose muslin blanket made for a very nervous mommy. The Woombie quickly became an absolute necessity to getting a good nights sleep for both mama and baby during those early days.

Woombie sleep sack

Snug as a bug in her sleep Woombie sleep sack

Halo 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle

This is another favorite sleep sack we used. This one worked better for my second baby because she was a little bigger.

Zippadee-Zip Sleep Sack

Once my first baby was no longer content being swaddled tightly in an infant sleep sack and could roll both directions, we transitioned her to the “Zippa-dee Zip”. It provided the same comfort of being swaddled but still allowed her to move around more freely. It also provided the warmth of a blanket without the risks of having one in her crib.

Zipadee Zip sleep sack

She always looked so cute in her Zipadee Zip sleep sack

Garden of Life Protein Powder

I cannot tell you the number of protein powders I have tried over the years. Most have done nothing but give me horrible bloating and a dent in my bank account. During pregnancy, my stomach was especially sensitive and that is when I discovered Garden of Life protein powder. I have a shake EVERY DAY with this powder. It has been one of the very few that does not upset my stomach, taste delicious and it macro nutrient friendly. It is also dairy free which is great if you are breastfeeding and cannot have dairy.

Larabars & RX Bar

These two bars are my current obsession. They are all natural and have very few ingredients, all of which I can pronounce. My daughter is obsessed with them as well which I am completely okay with because they are very healthy. I can give her one of these instead of sweets and she thinks it is a little treat. We love the chocolate chip cookie dough Lara Bar and chocolate sea salt Rx Bar. I suggest trying them all to find your favorites!


I have FOUR Milksnob nursing covers! Not only are they super cute but they are very functional. I get compliments on these covers everywhere I go. The material is super soft and breathable and they can also be used as a carseat cover, shopping cart cover or highchair cover. My absolute favorite thing about these covers is that they provide 360 degree coverage without being too hot for both mama and baby. I cannot recommend these enough!

Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle n’ Swing

This may be the greatest mom gift I received! It worked like pure magic for both of my babies. The seat can be positioned to swing front to back or side to side. Each of my babies preferred a different position making this swing very diverse.

Our dog, Zin, keeping an eye on our little baby in her swing

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

My almost two year old has slept with this every night since she was born. It is the one essential item we must bring with us anytime we travel or getting a could nights rest could be compromised. Not only does it play soothing lullabies or the soft sounds of nature, but it is ultra soft making snuggling up to it very soothing and comforting to a fussy baby.

Never leaves home without her Sleep Sheep

4 Moms High Chair

This high chair may seem like it has a hefty price tag however it is well worth every penny! The magnetic tray and bowls prevents babies from throwing their food on the floor. The tray latches onto the high chair effortlessly and the seat can be adjusted to counter or table height once your little one is old enough to sit at a table. This high chair makes meal time a breeze.

This high chair is so easy to clean even for the biggest messes

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

We use this seat often when we travel. It is perfect for either placing baby on the floor or strapped to a chair to join us during meal times. Sometimes we even place it in the middle of the table and let the baby soak up all of our attention!

She likes to be the center of attention in her booster chair

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

We received this as a gift for our first daughter and she absolutely loved it. She quickly figured out that kicking her feet against the piano made the music play and once she was able to sit, the piano rotated and she could sit and play music with her hands. The colorful arch of toys also encourages babies to bat and grasp.

She loves playing her piano both laying down and sitting up

I have included pictures to show that these are items I use and love. This post does contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission of the items purchased through my site. These earnings are what help me keep my site running which helps me pursue my passion of helping mamas through this adventure of mommyhood.

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