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Holiday season is upon us and your mouth is probably already watering thinking about all the delicious home cooked meals you are about to eat, right? So, how can you still enjoy these delicious holiday meals without sabotaging your weight loss goals? In this post I share my favorite foolproof tips for preventing excess holiday weight gain without feeling deprived.

This is my favorite time of year. Pumpkin Spice everything, warm comfort foods and movie nights with lots of yummy snacks.

November is the beginning of when sticking to my diet and fitness goals really becomes a struggle.

Working out when it is cold and dreary outside is very tough!

But this can quickly become a slippery slope. Neglecting workouts and eating extra calories over the holidays is a recipe for disaster.

Did you know the average person gains 5-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years?

This weight gain can be very hard to undo. Many people who gain this weight will not lose it ever again. 


For one, our bodies can start getting used to the higher caloric intake and continuing at that level after the holiday season may seem normal.

But the high calorie Holiday meals are obviously far from normal.

Eating just an extra 250-500 calories a day can add up to a 0.5-1 pound weight gain a week.

This is equivalent to about one tall nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. 


So, how can you avoid this holiday weight gain trap?

Here a few of my favorite tips and tricks to avoid gaining extra weight this holiday season

1. Avoid Calorie-Laden Drinks 

Eggnog, specialty coffee’s and cocktails are loaded with empty calories.

Sure they taste great. But these drinks do not  provide your body with anything except the need to buy a bigger belt.

Drinking your calories will not satisfy your appetite and most of these drinks will leave you in a sugar high followed by an exhausting crash.

Save those calories for more filling foods that won’t leave you hungry and serving yourself seconds an hour later.

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2. Ruin Your Diet Before You Get to your Holiday Parties!

Feeling famished in the presence of delicious food can sabotage your waistline by thinking with your stomach and not your mind.

Don’t arrive starving and wanting to reach for anything and everything in sight.

Grab a handful of protein rich foods like nuts or cheese with fruit before you leave the house.

This will leave you less inclined to fill up on unhealthier options later.


3. Plan Ahead

This is my favorite tip.

If you know that you will be attending a holiday party over the weekend, avoid splurging or deviating from your meal planning during the week.

This means cutting back on your calories each day leading up to your event and give yourself a little cushion to consume extra calories at your party. 

Overeating one day will not sabotage your waistline.

However, overeating for many days will.

By reducing as little as 100-200 calories a few days prior to your event, you can save yourself from gaining too much extra weight during the holiday’s

You don’t have as much control over what you eat at a party but you do have control over what you eat at home.

Planning ahead can prevent you from eating too many calories throughout the week.

If you have multiple parties in one week, try to avoid eating as much during each party.


4. Fill Up on Water

Save calories by drinking a couple glasses of calorie free water before you dig into those holiday treats.

This will help fill your stomach and leave you less likely to overeat.


5. Load up on Vitamin C

Cold weather, holiday stress and less exercise is a recipe for getting sick during winter months.

Sticking to your health and fitness goals is hard enough over the holidays.

However, getting sick will make it almost impossible.

Taking a good multivitamin can help prevent you from getting sick.

Personally, my husband and I drink one packet of Emergency-C every single day. All three of our kids were recently sick.

Despite lots of coughing in our faces and wiping runny noses, we were able to avoid getting whatever they had and I contribute it to drinking Emergency-C! 


6. Make Sleep a Priority

The holidays are busy and stressful.

However, sleep is crucial to surviving this crazy time of the year.

Not getting adequate sleep can lead to weight gain and increase susceptibility to sickness.

Lack of sleep also increases levels of a hormone called “cortisol.” 

Cortisol increases hunger which can cause weight gain.

To have better control over hunger and avoid extra weight gain, make sleep a priority! 


7. Exercise to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain!

Not only will working out help burn calories and assist in preventing holiday weight gain but it will also help reduce holiday stress.

Cortisol is also released as a result of stress.

Again, this hormone can cause weight gain by increasing hunger. 

Finding time and energy during the holidays is tough. But my philosophy is, “something is ALWAYS better than nothing.”

I love my high intensity interval training workouts during the holiday season because they can be done in 4-20 minutes and they leave you burning MORE calories all day long! 

You can download 5 of my favorite fat burning workouts right here.

All of the workouts can be done in 10 minutes! 

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8. Watch You Alcohol

I am all for having some fun cocktails, Champagne and wine over the holiday’s!

However, not only does alcohol contain empty calories but we also tend to eat more when we drink.

I suggest swapping high calorie cocktails like Margaritas, Bloody Mary’s or Baily’s and Cream for wine, champagne or vodka with a calorie free mixer. 

And always make sure you drink plenty of water with your alcoholic beverages! 


How to get back on Track 

I love the holidays but moderation is key to surviving them without the extra pounds and sabotaging your waistline.

I often find myself really struggling to get back on track with my eating habits and workout routines after the holidays.

I feel famished eating my normal meal plan and exhausted from just a simple warm up.

This is why staying on track is so important!

When I eat more balanced over the holidays, getting back on track isn’t nearly as challenging.

Remember, the Holiday’s are not a time to give up on your health and fitness goals.

So, this month, I challenge you to start practicing these tips before the holidays strike.

The more weight you gain during the Holiday’s, the more weight you have to lose to reach your health and fitness goals!


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How to prevent gaining weight during the holidays